Your expert for solar panels in Luxembourg

We are a Luxembourgish company that doesn't wait for the future -
we bring change now!

We wish for our children to be able to grow up on a healthy and beautiful planet as we did.
That is why we want to contribute to the deployment of green and affordable energy to as many homes as possible.

We work every day to make renewable energy easily accessible to as many people as possible.
Our solar energy solutions are built to an uncompromisingly high standard of consistency and quality,
 ensuring that they last a long time and are extremely reliable.

Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who put their heart and soul into their work.
You can rely on us.

Founders and Management

Dr.-Ing. Sasan Rafii

Founder and Managing Director

Engineer - Energy Technology (TU Kaiserslautern),

Ph.D. Energy Systems Management for Buildings (

“I want to make solar energy as widely available as possible. With an excellent customer experience from the first conversation to the finished energy system! We make all homeowners their own producers of green and affordable energy, allowing them to make a significant contribution to climate protection."

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Latz

Founder and managing Director

Engineer - Energiemanagement (University of Trier),

Ph.D. Building insulation and energy efficiency (

"It's encouraging to see how easy it is to integrate solar energy into daily life today without to sacrifice comfort. Unfortunately, this is something that far too few people are aware of. We want to close this gap. Our customers can easily benefit from renewable energy in their homes."

Solar Energy For Home

Meet Our Team

Solar Energy For Home
Adrian Heimann

Business Development

Responsible for the commercial side of LGR. Marketing, digitalisation, recruitment and system optimisation.
In his free time he enjoys history, politics and music.
He is also a foodie.

Solar Energy For Home
Szabina Szommerné Tóth

Administrative Assistant

Szabina is our administrative wizard. Always keeping everything organized with a laser focus!
Nothing gets lost under her watch.