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We advise our customers to perform a simulation on the official website of the "Climate Agency". There, all the state and local funding for your project will be clearly displayed:
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The state's Klimabonus program is offered in two options:

Option 1: An investment aid of 20% for the installation of photovoltaic panels and a guaranteed feed-in tariff, capped at 500 €/kWp.

This subsidy applies to invoices issued between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2025. The beneficiaries receive a state-guaranteed feed-in tariff for 15 years, the amount of which depends on the connection date of the system (see "Support programs for sustainable living and mobility", category "Feed-in tariffs").

Option 2: (Our recommendation) An investment aid of 62.5% for the installation of photovoltaic panels, forfeiting the guaranteed feed-in tariff. This support is limited to 1,562.50 €/kWp.

It applies to orders placed between 01.01.2023 and 31.12.2023 and to invoices issued by 31.12.2025. Beneficiaries must enter into a buyback contract with a provider (e.g. Creos).

Please note that income from installations over 10 kWp is subject to tax.

An additional installation on the same roof/facade/building is eligible for funding if its first feed-in takes place at least two years after the previous one. To receive this bonus, the photovoltaic system must meet certain criteria:

- The peak power of the system must be 30 kW or less;
- The system must be mounted on the roof or facade of the building, or integrated into the building envelope, regardless of whether it is a residential building or not.

Applications must be submitted to the Ministry after the installation is completed. Please note that these grants apply to orders placed between 01.01.2023 and 31.12.2023.

Additional Info: From 1 January 2023, you can benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 3% on your photovoltaic system.

Charging Station

The subsidy amounts to 50% of the costs excluding VAT for the purchase and installation of the charging station:

for a building that includes a maximum of 3 parking spaces, the maximum amount of the subsidy is:

- 750 euros for a simple charging station;
- 1,200 euros for an intelligent charging station* (charging station with OCPP);

for a building with 4 or more parking spaces, the maximum amount of the subsidy is:

- 1,200 euros for an intelligent charging station;
- 1,650 euros for a charging station that is part of a shared intelligent charging management system.

*An intelligent charging station is capable of billing usage between different households.

The subsidy is granted for investments made from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2023 inclusive.

The invoice date of the documents is decisive.

Municipal Grants

Finally, you can also benefit from municipal grants for the installation of photovoltaic panels. For example, the city of Esch-sur-Alzette offers a grant of at least 10% of the state grant. In the municipality of Differdange, this amount rises to 50% of the state aid (with a cap of 5000€ for a detached house) and in Pétange it is 500 €.

* All provided information is without guarantee

** Sources: Climate Agency,,

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