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General information about our company

Product offers and advice

Planning and installation

Warranty, service and repair

General information about our company

Yes, we offer our services in both old and new buildings.

Yes, we know how tedious it can be to get a comprehensive overview of all funding opportunities. If you need advice on subsidies, we can give you the relevant information.

Product offers and advice

Based on the information you provide, we will calculate a price estimate for your individual system and send it to you per email.
You can then call us if you have further questions or if you wish for some changes to the proposed system. If you are then interested in our offer you can either directly accept it by signing it online and a technician or engineer will come by to inspect your place or we can arrange a visit to answer further questions.

Yes, of course. Our customer advisors are available to you on weekdays from 8h–18h. You can also send us an email to info@lgr.lu.

At the moment we do not offer heat pumps. These are expected to be offered next year.

In order for our engineers to plan your system, you simply need to fill out the get estimate form and include the required pictures. In cases where the documents are not sufficient, we will call you for more information or evaluate the situation at your site.

We offer monocrystalline solar panels. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. See our panels here.

The feed-in tariff is based on the nominal power output of the system, which is usually specified in kilowatt-peak (kWp). The feed-in tariff is fixed for 15 years and is based on the year of commissioning.  The table of all feed-in tariffs in Luxembourg can be found on this page.  

Planning and installation

All plants are planned by our experienced engineers. You can be sure that an optimal result will be achieved.

The installation is carried out quickly and professionally by our in-house trained staff.
Engineers ensure that the assembly and the system function optimally.

Yes, some charging stations are designed to be installed either inside a building or outside and are weather resistant.

No, our wall boxes are capable of charging all electric vehicles.

Warranty, service and repair

Directly us. You can reach us by phone on weekdays from 8h00-18h00  or simply send us an email to info@lgr.lu with a description of the error.

We will usually get back to you promptly. In many cases, faults can already be solved over the phone. If this is not the case, we can send in-house craftsmen to your house so that the problem can be solved on site. 

You can contact us directly with a malfunction of your system. Together with the manufacturer, we will arrange for fault clearance or an appropriate replacement.

It depends on the brands and products that are used in your existing system. 

The warranty conditions are different for manufacturers and products. We will inform you about the warranty conditions of your individual installation.

Usually, solar panels do not require much maintenance, a good cleaning and monitoring of the production are enough to avoid and detect problems. Cleaning, for example, can be done every 4 to 5 years depending on how dirty your installation is. A good rinse with demineralized water will be necessary.